2023 Employee of the Year award recipient

Every year we honor employees who go above and beyond. This year we chose one employee to win the Team Member of the Year award.

Congratulations to the 2023 award recipient!

Hailey L’Heureux

Dr. Day Care Cumberland

The winner receives a check for $500 and 5 days PTO.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work!
2023 Employee of the Year award recipient
2023 Employee of the Year award recipient

Hailey is the Assistant Administrator at Dr. Day Care Cumberland. She started in February 2018 as a Teacher’s Assistant and was promoted to Lead Teacher and to Education Coordinator / Assistant Administrator. She achieved her Bachelor’s degree in ECE through the T.E.A.C.H. program in 2023.

Hailey is a strong advocate for early childhood education, speaking at the NAEYC Public Policy Forum with RIAEYC in Washington DC in February 2023, sharing her experience and expertise on opportunities and challenges facing our field. In September 2023, Hailey received the Special Friend of RI’s Children award: Early Childhood Advocate presented by RI Early Childhood Conference Committee and RIAEYC. Earlier in the summer, Hailey was chosen to represent Dr. Day Care on the WPRI 12 On the Job segment, speaking about what it is like to work in the early childhood field.

Hailey can always be counted on to step in and help out as needed. Her strong work ethic is appreciated and we are honored to recognize Hailey with this award.

Numerous co-workers nominated Hailey for employee of the year! Read their nominations below.

Why are you nominating this person?

“Hailey works hard every day in the office and in the classroom. She works with each child and learns what works with each one in terms what helps regulate them. She is a team player and does her best to help each teacher for what they need every day.”

“Hailey is always there for us and is always ready to jump in and help! She is always positive and always gives advice and tips if we need assistance! She’s an awesome teacher and assistant admin and Cumberland is so lucky to have her!”

“I am nominating this person because they are always going above and beyond to provide the children with a positive learning environment. Whenever I need a helping hand in the classroom, she is always ready to help me in whatever way she can. She is good when comes to thinking on her feet, and readjusting methods to fit the individual child. She also makes me excited to come to work because she is wonderful to work with and makes me feel comfortable.”

“Hailey is one of the best people I know. She is a team player and constantly helps us improve and grow everyday. She has helped me a lot this year personally and I am so grateful. She embodies the Action Statement by guiding us as a team to learn more about conscious discipline and how to help us teach kids. She also helps the students with those techniques embodies that as well.”

How does this person give back to their community?

“Hailey helps her community by enriching the lives of all of the children in DDC Cumberland. Every single child loves seeing Miss Hailey around the center. She is helping the children grow into kind members of our society.”

“She is a major advocate for the field of early education and is always trying to find ways to better early education for the children and families of RI.”

“Hailey does a few things outside of the workplace but one thing I want to highlight is how she is an advocate for early childhood educators. Every time there is a petition, she sends it out and encourages us to do it.”

2023 Employee of the Year award recipient

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2023 Employee of the Year award recipient