Beach memories

Summer time is such a wonderful season for water fun. 

From the time I was young, I remember taking long drives with my family to South County to go to the beautiful RI beaches. Drives were so long because back in the 50s, there was no Route I-95. Our family car did not have air-conditioning and it was great to have our windows completely rolled down with our hands hanging out into the hot summer air, knowing we were on our way to beach and sand. 

While traveling to the beach, my parents stopped at many red lights. At the red lights, they took time to explain to the four of us in the back seat all interesting buildings and points of interest. I can remember on the way to the beach they always pointed out the Rhode Island State House with pride and admiration. I-95 has paved the way for my children, grandchildren, and great children to drive to beaches in a timely fashion, where many memorable moments are made. 

Car conversations can be such a great learning opportunity!

One of my favorite beaches is South Shore in Little Compton. During the summer months, my family and friends gather just before sunset by a homemade campfire on the ocean’s edge. Traditionally we make s’mores and share wonderful memories about the years past at the beach!  

I have traveled to over 82 countries and seen a lot, yet there’s nothing more beautiful than a campfire on the edge of a RI ocean surrounded by family. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my beach memories. 

What is your family’s favorite beach? What kind of learning opportunities do you do on drives to the beach? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank You, 

Dr. Mary Ann / Dr. Day Care