Learning through Lemonade Stands

Lemonade stands- a summer tradition!  But in today’s fast-paced world, what are the benefits of children running a lemonade stand?  What could they possibly be learning?circle.lemonade.pawtucket.thornley.2016

There is so much to learn!

Children who hold a lemonade stand either to raise funds for a charity or a little bit of spending money are learning lifelong skills. For something that seems so simple for an adult, there are a lot of great learning experiences to be gained.

Here are 3 simple skills children can learn from running a lemonade stand.  What  other skills do you think children can learn from setting up a lemonade stand?


1. Communication

Children who run a lemonade stand often have to work together to present a product.  circle.lemonade.pawtucket.concord.2016Even for a one-man-show, children need to learn to communicate with potential buyers to sell a product.  Through the entire process, children will communicate the cost, explain why they are holding the lemonade stand, discuss the product, and (hopefully!) ensure the customer has a pleasant experience.  Plus, it simply gives children practice communicating with new people.  Learning the importance of politeness and respect is an added bonus!

2. Marketing & Creativity

How will people know your lemonade is the best?  circle.lemonade.kids.klub.NP.2016Why should they buy it?  Through creative signs posted on telephone poles, handing out flyers, and simple grassroots marketing (“Tell your friends!”), children will learn what works and what doesn’t.  No matter how great your product is, if no one knows it exists, then it won’t sell!

3. Value of Hard Work

Running a lemonade stand can definitely be hard work!  From developing a business plan (“Lets try selling a cup for $1 and see how many people buy it”) to counting up the total sales, there is a lot of work.  circle.lemonade.smithfield.2016Hopefully they also have an enjoyable experience and can see the outcome.  As a parent, point out how their hard work paid off and what they gained.