Additional supports for children in childcare

Please help!

My son has been kicked out of three child care centers and he is only three years old!  His teachers tell me each time that he is a handful to care for.  I am a full time working mother and I cannot afford to stay home with him.  I am also concerned that his behavior issues are not typical.  His older brother who is 9 years old is having similar problems and I am getting reports from his after school program that he could possibly be asked to leave the program.  Are there any programs available to children with behavior issues to help parents like me?


Frustrated Working Mom


Dear Frustrated Mom,

I understand how frustrating this can be for you as a parent.  All working parents should have the right to have child care that can provide a safe and secure environment for their child, even if your child is displaying challenging behaviors.  I would recommend looking for a child care facility that offers additional support and services for children and families.TCCS hand and slogan copy

One option that I recommend is for families is to find a learning center that offers Therapeutic Child Care Services (TCCS), a Kids Connect program that is regulated by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. The TCCS program provides all children the opportunity to succeed by modifying and adapting the child care program to best fit the child’s needs.  All children deserve the opportunity to learn, grow, and play alongside their typically developing peers.  The TCCS program provides strategies and techniques for specially trained staff in order to help children with special needs.  Children enrolled in a TCCS program are in classrooms with a Therapeutic Integration Specialist who is trained and monitored by a licensed clinician.  Each TCCS classroom has an additional staff member to provide a lower staff to child ratio and give all team members the skills and techniques to work with all children.

Therapeutic Child Care Services views parents as an integral part of our team.  Parents are always a part of the decision making process.  We also work collaboratively with external resources throughout the state. The TCCS program and these external resources work with child care Directors, teachers, staff, and parents to be able to meet the needs of each child and to ensure that children are placed in an environment where the child has the opportunity to succeed. By working as a team, we are able to ensure the child’s needs are met.

There are Therapeutic Child Care Services programs throughout Rhode Island for children from infant through 12 years old.  To find a TCCS program near you or to see if your child will qualify, contact me at 401-475-7707 x250.  I can help you find a quality program that best fits your family. For more information, visit

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Lisa Furtado
Special Needs/TCCS Program Director