Congratulations to our Employee of the Season – Fall 2023

Congratulations to our Employee of the Season:

Kelsey Daigle

Congratulations to our Employee of the Season - Fall 2023

Shout out to Kesley Daigle– our Employee of the Season!

Kelsey has been with the organization since January 2022!  She holds the position of Toddler Lead Teacher in Cumberland . Congratulations Kelsey!

Congratulations to our Employee of the Season - Fall 2023
Some feedback from coworkers includes:

“I am nominating this person because they are always coming up with new and creative ways to redirect the children and help them understand the situation that is occurring.  They are also always willing to help wherever they are needed, with no questions asked.”

“Kelsey is very flexible, willing to help in any room.  Great with her Toddler classroom.”

Shout out to all the Nominees!

Emily Franchesci – DDC Cumberland

“Emily goes above and beyond for the infants at Cumberland.  She loves each of them with her whole heart.  She works hard to teach them sign language, and the importance of gentle hands with friends.  She shows up every day ready to take on the day.

Aimee Martinez – DDC Cumberland

“Aimme has been with the company since September and she has clearly modeled our action statement “Learn. Teach. Repeat. Be the Team. Deliver Excellence. She took the time to learn each children’s likes/dislikes, follow daily routine and quickly picked up her role.  Aimme is a great team player and worker, she comes in knowing the expectation of her job, completes the tasks at hand and comes back the next day with a smile.  She shows an incredible amount of passion and care for our toddlers and it is so comforting to know the kiddos are in great care with her.  We truly enjoy her being part of our team and are happy to see her thriving in the toddler room.”

Aria Suzman  – Home Office / Kids Klub

“Aria is a very helpful and willing to take on projects outside her scope of work.  She is great at finding opportunities for Kids Klub with STEM grants, Mystic etc.”

Donna Payson- DDC East Greenwich

“I am nominating Donna because she has excellent communication skills.  Whenever I correspond with her, she gets back in touch with me and follows through.  She also shared professional ideas with me.  She always enthusiastic about her center.  Her smile and positive energy she expresses about working with the staff, families and children is rewarding and uplifting.  Many times we get together we talked about the educational college process and the hard work and time it takes to obtain an advanced degree, which she is diligently obtaining wile working full time.  I have so many different conversations wth Donna and they all end with her enthusiasm for the profession.  When I see her she reminds me how she really enjoys working in the profession and at Dr. Day Care”

Amber Dias – DDC Pawtucket

“Amber is such a team player and is such an important person to our center!  She is always there to lend a helping hand and offer support to her coworkers.  She has been a great help in the office while we have been looking for an Assistant Administrator as well.  You can always count on Amber.

Lauren Wholey – Kids Klub Bernon

“Lauryn goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are always treated with the most respect.  Lauryn is constantly coming up with fun ways to get her students involved.  No one knows their kids better than Lauren does.  Lauryn has had most of her kids since Kindergarten, and they have created a true and passionate bond.  If you ask the kids at Bernon their favorite thing about Miss Lauren they will tell you she is nice and truly cares about them”.

Amanda Populus – DDC Providence

“Amanda is an amazing boss and person to be around and work with.  She is so kind and shows passion in her career daily.  She makes you feel comfortable to talk to her or come to her with concerns.  Every day she leads by example and has so much knowledge when it comes to the job you can learn a lot from her.”

Derek Harnish – Kids Klub Greystone

“He is not only been an amazing mentor since day one, but he also shows great passion for the job every single day.  He’s stepped up as our site supervisor and has done an amazing job running the site.”

Heather Ainsburg – DDC Smithfield

“Heather has gone above and beyond helping with training and advice.  Heather is very busy in her day to day job as well as training others, yet she always makes time for me to listen and offer advice.  Having her mentorship has been invaluable to me and I think she deserves notice for her team work, great attitude and passion for helping others to succeed.”

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Congratulations to our Employee of the Season - Fall 2023

The Employee of the Season will receive a check for $100, a $50 coupon code for a special “Employee of the Season” uniform item of their choice, and their name on a plaque at the Home Office!

Nominations & Awards are given every year for:

·     Winter (December, January, February) – nominations collected in March

·     Spring (March, April, May) – nominations collected in June

·     Summer (June, July, August) – nominations collected in September

·     Fall (September, October, November) – nominations collected in December