2020 Employee of the Year award recipients

As everyone knows, 2020 was a different year from most! Even though we weren’t able to get together to celebrate at our annual post-holiday party, we still want to take a moment to recognize our amazing employees.

Every year we honor employees who go above and beyond with CEO of the year awards. This year, the two owners distributed the awards – founder and CEO Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith and Ronald Smith.

Congratulations to our 2020 award recipients!

Dominique Cayo (DDC Pawtucket Thornley St.): CEO Team Member of the Year
Laurie Gorman (Home Office): CEO Executive Team Member of the Year

Each winner receives a check for $500 and 5 days PTO.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work!

2020 Employee of the Year award recipients

2020 Employee of the Year award recipients

Dominique has been the Lead School Age Teacher at Dr. Day Care Pawtucket Thornley St. since we opened in March 2016 (previously Pawtucket Day center). When Mary Ann and Amy asked for nominations and feedback, Dominique’s center Administrator, Matt, explained why he felt Dominique earned this honor:

Dominique is someone that is strongly relied upon at DDC Pawtucket Thornley center.  He runs a structured school age classroom where children are exposed to a wide range of activities, including coding, robotics, yoga, gaming, and poetry.  In this classroom, student interest truly leads the curriculum, and Dominique will advocate for the children to have access to any supplies necessary to their learning.  During distance learning, Dominique has helped to structure a dozen different schedules in his room, made relationships with the children’s teachers, and has been a partner with parents to make sure their children have what they need to learn.  Before COVID, he had the children take responsibility for the recycling in our center, teaching the importance of active participation in taking care of our school community.  The students in his class plant vegetables in our garden, and build their own equipment to use in our playground.  He truly pushes child literacy, cultivating a library where any child can find a book to interest them.  Dominique has read entire series of books so that student would have someone to talk with about these books, getting them excited by their learning.

2020 Employee of the Year award recipients


2020 Employee of the Year award recipients

Laurie Gorman has been with the Dr. Day Care/Kids Klub/Therapeutic Child Care Services home office since October 2, 2017 as the Human Resources Director. We are proud to have her on our team and she is so deserving of this honor.

2020 was a challenging year and sitting in the HR seat was probably one of the most challenging and Laurie handled the responsibility well.  She was constantly updating leadership on new COVID HR policies, keeping in touch with employees during the shutdown, integral in bringing employees back to work when we reopened and doubled her administrative duties during this time.  Laurie never said she could not do it and kept at it until the job was done and done well. None of us have ever experienced working during a pandemic and the support Laurie gave to all from the HR perspective was vital in keeping the organization moving forward to get us to the other side of the unknown.


Previous award recipients include:

CEO Team Member of the Year

2007Lisa Furtado
2008Tiffany Arruda
2009Diane DeCristo
2010Simone Renee Spruce-Torres
2011Stefanie Lopes
2012Amanda Garcia
2013Mary Billington
2014Danielle Mutter
2015Lauren Fagnant
2016Kristyn Proctor
2017Dawn Joly
2018Sarah Brown
2019Amalia Pineda
2020Dominique Cayo


CEO Executive Team Member of the Year

2013Amy Vogel
2014Tracy Cheney
2015Eleanor Carrara
2016Alicia Gloria
2017Rebecca Compton
2018Kate Bixler
2019Andrea Dionne
2020Laurie Gorman



Longevity Awards

Each year we also celebrate employees who have been with us for 5, 10, 15, 20+ years with our organization! We are grateful to have you here! Each employee receives $5 per year of service:

Years of Service, as of 1/1/21   Name & Year of Hire
30 YearsTracy Cheney, 1990
15 YearsLisa Furtado, 2005
15 YearsSympathy Silva, 2005
10 YearsJennifer Viveiros-Proulx, 2010
10 YearsTiffany Tinkham, 2010
10 YearsDominique Cayo, 2010
10 YearsDawn Joly, 2010
5 YearsLisa Sorel, 2015
5 YearsVanessa Marcolivio, 2015
5 YearsCari Lemos, 2015
5 YearsSamantha Poisson, 2015
5 YearsMarissa Turcotte, 2015
5 YearsTamara DeOliveira, 2015
5 YearsJessica Bressette, 2015

We would also take a moment to recognize our most recently hired employee, Ally Rosenfeld who started with us on 01/06/2021!

(most recently hired as of the typical holiday party date of 01/08/2021)

2020 Employee of the Year award recipients