2021 Employee of the Year award recipients

Even though we (still!) weren’t able to get together to celebrate at our annual post-holiday party, we want to take a moment to recognize our amazing employees.

Every year we honor employees who go above and beyond with CEO of the year awards. This year, the founder and CEO Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, COO Amy Vogel, and HR Director Laurie Gorman presented the awards.

Congratulations to our 2021 award recipients!

Joseph Capaldi (Kids Klub Stephen Olney): CEO Team Member of the Year
Matthew Aspeel (DDC Pawtucket): CEO Executive Team Member of the Year

Each winner receives a check for $500 and 5 days PTO.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work!


2021 Employee of the Year award recipients

2021 Employee of the Year award recipients

Joe has been with Kids Klub since 2013. He has stepped up to work in many different roles over the years. Currently Joe is the Teacher Assistant at Kids Klub Stephen Olney, driving the Kids Klub van for the Whelan students.

Joe is always stepping up to do whatever is needed. He is SO much more than a bus driver. He constantly wants what is best for the kids, he is a great listener, and gets the job done with a smile on his face always. Joe does everything from ensuring the kids have safe travels, cleaning the site each day (to the point that he recommended a Swiffer so he could really give the floor a scrub!), and participating in STEM lessons and activities with the kids. When Mr. Joe isn’t there a day (which is a rare occasion) the kids always ask where he is, because they miss him so much! Mr. Joe definitely deserves recognition for all his hard work all the years he has been with Kids Klub.


2021 Employee of the Year award recipients


2021 Employee of the Year award recipients

Matt has been with our company since April 2017. He first started as a Curriculum Administrator for Kids Klub. In the Fall of 2018 he left Kids Klub, but returned a month later as the Administrator of Dr. Day Care Pawtucket Thornley St. center.

We have come to rely on Matt for many things, call him in a pinch, add responsibilities to his already heavy work load.  He always is onboard to assist, takes on those added responsibilities with a smile, humor and integrity.

He is a strong advocate, teacher and voice for the Conscious Discipline program here at DDC.  He also agreed recently to take on a second center taking the Assistant Administrator under his wing.  In a new approach to hiring, he has also trained an additional Assistant Admin “float” at his site to be shared with other Dr. Day Care locations.


Previous award recipients include:

CEO Team Member of the Year

2007Lisa Furtado
2008Tiffany Arruda
2009Diane DeCristo
2010Simone Renee Spruce-Torres
2011Stefanie Lopes
2012Amanda Garcia
2013Mary Billington
2014Danielle Mutter
2015Lauren Fagnant
2016Kristyn Proctor
2017Dawn Joly
2018Sarah Brown
2019Amalia Pineda
2020Dominique Cayo
2021Joseph Capaldi


CEO Executive Team Member of the Year

2013Amy Vogel
2014Tracy Cheney
2015Eleanor Carrara
2016Alicia Gloria
2017Rebecca Compton
2018Kate Bixler
2019Andrea Dionne
2020Laurie Gorman
2021Matthew Aspeel



Longevity Awards

Each year we also celebrate employees who have been with us for 5, 10, 15, 20+ years with our organization! We are grateful to have you here! Each employee receives $5 per year of service:

Years of Service,
as of 1/1/22   
NameYear of Hire
30 years Keith Shallcross1991
25 years Eunice Tavares1996
15 years Amalia Pineda2006
15 years Stefanie Lopes Baptista2006
10 years Chris Smith2011
10 years Katherine Bixler2011
5 years Cheryl Glick2016
5 years Stephen Imondi2016
5 years Jennifer Barnard2016
5 years Alexis Monteiro2016
5 years Kristina Clark2016
5 years Chris Perry2016
5 years Makayla McNally2016
5 years Samantha Starnes2016
5 years Eileen Fardis2016
5 years Trisha Whipple2016
5 years Katie Desmarais2016

We would also take a moment to recognize our most recently hired employee, Arianah Pierce who started with us on 12/1/2021!

(most recently hired as of the typical holiday party date of 01/08/2022)

2021 Employee of the Year award recipients