2022 Employee of the Year award recipients

Every year we honor employees who go above and beyond with Team Member of the Year awards. This year, the founder  Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith and CEOO Amy Vogel presented the awards.

Congratulations to our 2022 award recipients!

Amanda Stave (Dr. Day Care North Providence): Team Member of the Year

Gail Ranieri (Therapeutic Child Care Services): Executive Team Member of the Year

Each winner receives a check for $500 and 5 days PTO.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work!


2022 Employee of the Year award recipients

2022 Employee of the Year award recipients

Amanda is the Assistant Administrator at Dr. Day Care North Providence. She started in September 2013 at Dr. Day Care Smithfield and was promoted to Assistant Admin. in February 2019. She achieved her Bachelor’s degree in ECE from Fisher College in 2022.

Amanda is a hard-working team player who advocates for individual staff members and supports them to achieve their goals, all the while nudging them forward to do so. She has grown tremendously over the past year in her decision-making capabilities, as well as her ability to confront and effectively handle conflict and challenging situations.

Her communication techniques and style has also grown to assist her becoming a respected leader at Dr. Day Care North Providence. She is absolutely not afraid to get her hands dirty while supporting someone to work on their own growth.

Amanda has supported efforts at the North Providence center to have a true community partner (Tri-Town Alliance) that in turn support the children and families. As a busy Mom, Amanda is very involved in her children’s sports activities in her hometown/city of Central Falls.


2022 Employee of the Year award recipients


2022 Employee of the Year award recipients2022 Employee of the Year award recipients

Gail has been with Therapeutic Child Care Services since September 2017. She is a Clinical Supervision Coordinator. Gail holds a license as LICSW – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.


Gail truly cares about her profession. She is dedicated to making a difference in children and families’ lives. An integral part of the Therapeutic program, Gail is always available at a moment’s notice! Gail finds humor in nearly every topic and keeps the team smiling.

She knows her stuff! Gail’s expertise and talents in working with children with special needs are above and beyond. When working with Gail, she gives all her best and helps to point everyone in the right direction.

Gail’s commitment to her work and profession is truly exemplary and appreciated by all. She always does what is needed to get the job done!

2022 Employee of the Year award recipients

Previous award recipients include:

Team Member of the Year

2007Lisa Furtado
2008Tiffany Arruda
2009Diane DeCristo
2010Simone Renee Spruce-Torres
2011Stefanie Lopes
2012Amanda Garcia
2013Mary Billington
2014Danielle Mutter
2015Lauren Fagnant
2016Kristyn Proctor
2017Dawn Joly
2018Sarah Brown
2019Amalia Pineda
2020Dominique Cayo
2021Joseph Capaldi
2022Amanda Stave


Executive Team Member of the Year

2013Amy Vogel
2014Tracy Cheney
2015Eleanor Carrara
2016Alicia Gloria
2017Rebecca Compton
2018Kate Bixler
2019Andrea Dionne
2020Laurie Gorman
2021Matthew Aspeel
2022Gail Ranieri



Longevity Awards

Each year we also celebrate employees who have been with us for 5, 10, 15, 20+ years with our organization! We are grateful to have you here! Each employee receives $5 per year of service:

Years of service (as of 1/1/23):
10 years              Lauren Fagnant, 2012
10 years              Alicia Gloria, 2012
10 years              Aria Suzman, 2012
10 years              Rebecca Compton, 2012
5 years                Donna Payson, 2017
5 years                Amanda Dodd, 2017
5 years                Matthew Aspeel, 2017
5 years                Maria Lima, 2017
5 years                Gail Ranieri, 2017
5 years                Laurie Gorman, 2017

We would also take a moment to recognize our most recently hired employee, Ryley James who started with us on 12/30/2022!

(most recently hired as of the typical holiday party date of 01/08/2023)

2022 Employee of the Year award recipients