Continuing to do Good Deeds in our Community

Kids Klub and Dr. Day Care students join the Feinstein Jr. Scholar Club

The Feinstein Foundation graciously gave our Dr. Day Care and Kids Klub students Jr. Scholar Cards this summer!  This was a great opportunity for everyone to think about doing good deeds every day!  All of our students have been doing good deeds this summer and will continue to learn about how their actions can affect others to help “make the world a better place.”


Here are a few of the good deeds that we did this summer- hopefully they will inspire you and your child to do more good deeds!

  • North Providence students made First Responder “Thank you” cards for their local NP police & fire departments. The NP police stopped by and the kids gave out their cards and a little gift we had put together for their department.
  • Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative Kids Klub summer camp students worked two lemonade stands and put on a walk-a-thon to benefit the North Providence Animal Shelter. They raised a total of $600.00 and collected several boxes of treats, toys and food for the animals at the shelter awaiting adoption. The shelter was very happy to receive the donations!
  • The same camp students watered the garden at Stephen Olney School for the school principal.
  • At Greystone Elementary School, during summer camp the Kids Klub students helped clean up the playground by picking up the litter.
  • During the field trips to the beach the students also cleaned up the beach of trash.
  • The Kids Klub summer camp students visited the North Providence Senior Center and visited with the seniors. They also did some coloring together.
  • Dr. Day Care preschoolers offered a drink of water to Mr. Chris our facilities manager who was working outside near their playground on a hot day.



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