Learning about Fall

fall-circle-preschool-nature-walk-smithfieldChildren of all ages love learning about the weather!   The beginning of autumn brings so many exciting learning opportunities.


Improve language skills as you discuss with your child why leaves change color  and fall down.  Teach science concepts by exploring and experimenting with pumpkins, apples, and leaves.  Math skills are reinforced through counting, graphing, and comparing.   Read books about fall to build literacy skills.  Enjoy this fun time of year with your child!


Fall is a beautiful time of year with crisp cool air, colorful leaves and a harvest of plentiful vegetables. But do we know the scientific reasons behind the changing of the seasons? Learn some cool facts about autumn!

Read fun science facts here.



At Dr. Day Care, your child has been learning about fall by fun activities such as going on a leaf hunt to collect differently shaped leaves, creating leaf collages, exploring apples through taste-testing, finding the star inside an apple, and counting apple seeds.  They have done apple painting and made patterns with red, yellow, and green apple prints.  fall-circle-weighing-comparing-apples-smithfieldThe preschool and toddler classrooms compared and graphed apples- by color, by taste, and compared favorites.  Infants prepared and taste-tested home made applesauce.   We are looking forward to doing more educational learning activities in October!



What is your favorite fall activity to do with your child?