Mask update

Dear Parents & Staff,

RIDOH and DHS COVID regulations have expired. As we move towards a new way of life, we are adjusting our COVID protocols while still maintaining a safe environment.

As of Monday 3/7/22, wearing masks will be optional for employees, children, parents and visitors.

If we experience a positive COVID case, we will follow RIDOH guidelines. These guidelines are changing often. The length of quarantine has been shortened (currently to 5 days) and COVID testing recommendations have changed. The results of rapid testing are now accepted. If you have additional questions, you can contact the RIDOH COVID-19 Child Care team at

As a reminder, if you (or your child) are experiencing COVID symptoms, please exclude yourself from the center. You can return when symptoms have ended or have been treated. It is always the best practice to stay home if sick to stop the spread of any virus.
Thank you for understanding. We wish you good health.


Amy S. Vogel, COO
(401) 475-7707 ext. 250