Children’s Graduation book by first time author

Written by Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith and illustrated by Rebecca Compton.

Looking for the perfect graduation gift? Edgar Graduates is perfect for graduates of any age. Local author, Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, CEO & President of Dr. Day Care Learning Center, Kids Klub, and Therapeutic Child Care Services recently self-published and authored a children’s book, Edgar Graduates. This children’s book is about Edgar, a young elephant preparing for preschool graduation. Edgar thinks back on his first milestones, such as learning to talk, potty training, and learning his ABC’s and imagines what his future may hold after preschool graduation. From diapers to diplomas!

Edgar Graduates book cover with pages

Families and children will enjoy reading this story together and discussing educational opportunities that are available. By bringing educational words such as “Bachelor’s Degree,” “Doctorate Degree,” or “diploma” into the family conversation, it becomes more attainable for all children. There are so many educational opportunities available!


“This book has been a huge project for us- we wanted to provide a book that would be enjoyable to read while also enhancing a child’s vocabulary and the options available for continuing education” says Dr. Shallcross Smith.
Illustrator Rebecca Compton says this about the process of creating this book, “One piece of feedback we heard from the brainstorming stage all the way through publication is that the book contains many ‘big words’ that may be difficult for children. We both feel very strongly that children can easily pick up advanced vocabulary when they are exposed to it in at a young age by providing clear imagery and from the context of a story. Sometimes we don’t give children enough credit – they are often smarter and more capable than we realize! ” And just in case any words are too advanced, there is a glossary in the back to educate both the parents and children.

Another goal of Shallcross Smith and Compton was to provide an opportunity for parents to introduce college at a young age to their children. Shallcross Smith stated that “We feel this book helps families become familiar with the educational vocabulary and all the educational choices available to them.”

One of the unique features of this book is the children’s artwork throughout the story. The artwork was submitted by students who attend Dr. Day Care Learning Center and Kids Klub extended day program. All students who contributed to the book received a signed copy and were excited to see their artwork presented throughout the story.

Dr. Shallcross Smith has proven to be an expert in the field or early childhood education and is excited to share her knowledge with children and families.
For more information about Edgar Graduates, contact Mary Ann Shallcross Smith at  Edgar Graduates can be purchased online at Amazon or other major retailers.Edgar Graduates image- Family with Edgar

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