Worms, worms, worms!

worms.smithfield.2016Many parents garden with their children, it is a great learning opportunity!  Children can learn about the weather, nature, measuring, tracking, and so much more.  But have you ever tried having a WORM farm with your children?

worms.westwarwick.excitement.2016 I think most parents know that kids typically love insects, dirt, and mud.  Lots of children (especially at the younger ages) are fascinated by nature and all the buzzing, gross, colorful, shiny, and fascinating insects that are part of nature.  Read this great post from an Entomologist about encouraging this natural love of bugs – Kids Like Bugs: entomology outreach in elementary schools.  Sometimes adults influence children’s perspective on insects with statements like “Eww!” or cautions to stay away.  But for the harmless bugs out there, let kids learn hands-on!


One suggestion is to start a worm farm.  Many of our early learning classrooms have been composting with worms (vermicomposting or vermicasting) and making worm farms.  This leads to so many fun activities and learning opportunities!


Worm Composting

worms.westwarwick.observingHere is a great post with tips on how to start Worm Composting for Kids.  The students at ‪#‎DDCWestWarwick‬ learned about Vermicomposting as part of their Enriching Curriculum this spring, with Miss Alicia.  Students got great hands-on learning experiences as they observe the worms, learn about life cycles, biology, and other scientific methodologies.


Worm Farms

worms.activity.wiggling.smithfield.2016Miss Lauren’s preschool students at #‎DDCSmithfield‬ students made a worm farm in their classroom.  Students were so excited to observe the worms and it lead to many great conversations!  This learning was extended by also measuring the lengths of the worms (don’t forget to measure using both the Standard & Metric system!).  Students also enjoyed wiggling their bodies around like worms, what a fun silly activity to engage the children who are not as interested in the dirt & worms!