Toilet Training with Dr. Day Care

Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith helps guide parents through the Toilet Training Process.

Toilet Training with Dr. Day Care


At Dr. Day Care, our aim is to not only educate the children in our care, but also to promote learning for our parents, teachers, and communities. An exciting way for me to continue to pass on my expertise is through my video tutorial series. My first educational video relates to a topic that parents of young children can relate to- Toilet Training/Potty Training.

I have been involved with potty training for over 40 years as a mom, grandmother, and child care professional. Toilet training is such a special milestone for toddlers and parents. It’s always a pleasure to pass on to parents the hands on experience I have learned over the years of toilet training hundreds of children.

I am excited for this opportunity to share my knowledge with our community and appreciate your help. If you find this video informative- please share it with your friends! potty training video picture

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When to Start the Toilet Training Process

Is your child ready to begin toilet training?  What are the signs to look for and when is the best time to start potty training?  Dr. Day Care shares tips on when to begin training and how to get started.

Starting the Toilet Training Process

Stay positive! You are your child’s biggest motivator and Dr. Mary Ann gives you suggestions on how to get your child started on the path to success.

Common Toilet Training Challenges

Dr. Day Care discusses typical challenges that your family may face as your child is potty training.  Learn how to help make your child a part of the potty training process to ensure success.

Meet Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith

Dr. Day Care discusses her background and introduces parents, caregivers, and teachers to potty training.


Resources for Toilet Training:

There are so many resources available to assist with this process!  Check out our Potty Training Resources page for printable certificates and stickers, books, and more.

Mary Ann Shallcross Smith President Dr. Day Care
Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith
Founder, Dr. Day Care


p.s.Toilet Training with Dr. Day Care

When I wrote my first children’s book, Edgar Graduates, a big milestone I was sure to include was toilet training! Edgar thinks back on when he was younger – “I used to wear diapers. Not any more! Now I am potty trained.”