Respecting Nature

Respecting Nature

The outdoors is such a wonderful classroom for children. Children love playing outside, and there are so many great opportunities for learning!

When you take the learning outdoors, children can learn through exploration. These explorations build valuable skills such as observation, experimentation, and sorting, while allowing for both individual experiences and group sharing.

Try doing a creative arts project outside with your child! The creative arts provide children with a way to organize and express their ideas and feelings. Music, movement, drama and visual arts help children learn to use their words and solve problems in ways that are meaningful. The arts also help children to explore and experiment in creative ways.


At Dr. Day Care, we believe in playing outside EVERY day.  There are so many benefits to allowing children to explore the natural world around them.  From the NAEYC article, Connecting Young Children With Nature, “Nature instills in everyone a sense of beauty and calmness. It exposes us to things that are alive and growing and promotes curiosity and exploration.”  What outdoor activities do you remember loving when you were a child?