Summer Water Play: Learning and Fun!

Every year after Pre K graduation, Dr. Day Care does water play for children throughout the summer. Children go outdoors to play using sprinkSummer Water Play: Learning and Fun!lers, hoses, and water tables. Water play is more than just splashing water because it opens a whole other world for children to explore. In fact, water play might be just as educational as legos and play dough, if not, more so, Here’s why:

Exploring a new world

Water is a material that opens up many opportunities for exploration for young children. There’s is nothing else like water for children to play with. Since it is such a different experience than legos and play dough, children explore lots of new ideas using their senses. They learn the concept of wet and dry and learn different properties of water. To us, it may not seem that exciting but it is truly a new world for children.

Summer Water Play: Learning and Fun!Science concepts in water play

When children explore the new world of water, they learn some science concepts such as shapes, physical properties. They may learn the concept of how water is liquid and becomes ice when frozen. They also learn the concepts of shape, volume, and weight, when they use cups and buckets to pour water from one place to another. In addition, when they move water around, they learn about the motion of water, relating to physical science.

New vocabulary

Children learn new vocabulary related to the properties of water. Words such as ‘splashing’ and ‘ pouring’ make way into children’s language, adding to their vocabulary. They don’t just learn the new words but also use them whenever talking to others, hence they are less likely to forget the words.

Communication and Social Skills

As children talk to each other, splash water at each other, and fun with their friends, they learn how to communicate with other children as well as their teachers. This also teaches them discipline when the teacher asks them to line up or clean up. Through water play, children learn basic etiquette and crucial social skills.

Gross and fine motor skillsSummer Water Play: Learning and Fun!

Motor skills come from actions or tasks that require children to use their muscles. Gross motor skills come from bigger tasks and fine motor skills come from smaller actions. When children move around equipment, run around the water sprinkler, or even run to dodge the water splashes, they are developing gross and fine motor skills. These kinds of motor skills are not developed as easily by sitting around. That is why water play is important for overall growth.

Water play is done at all centers of Dr. Day Care to provide quality childcare. However, water play doesn’t have to be done only at school or the daycare. Click the link below to learn ways you can implement water play right in your backyard!

Also checkout our Water Play video by clicking on the photo above!


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